Short Term Rental hosts and agents can now easily streamline & scale while keeping control of all guest workflows.


Everything a high performance serviced accommodation business needs to thrive. Built for those of us who love to delight guests and not miss a thing.

Guestflow is the worlds first truly STR specific CRM with team collaboration, guest messaging and customised workflow control, at its heart.

Outsource to VA’s more easily, become highly efficient & build a reputation of excellence.
We are here to revolutionise the industry.

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Connect. Simply connect to your channel manager and Guestflow enables your team to easily handle all reservations from your cutting edge company dashboard.

Customise. We give you systems that work out of the box, you get to customise them to suit your unique brand or rental level rules for all steps of the guest journey. Drive the results that matter to your business & to you clients.

Complete Solution. Guestflow is the worlds first truly team focused short stay app built from the ground up for hosts and agents who want to combine guest reservations with multi channel messages and both pre defined and bespoke tasks.

Deliver best-in-class guest check in experiences with Guestflow BETA

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Guests will receive access to your dedicated & branded web app when they book. From here they can make payments, pay deposits, check-in early, upload ID or whatever it is you need them to do. Your team's tasks now aligned with guest's actions.

Access actionable insights. Take action. Guestflow not only tracks what you or your team need to focus on, but gives you the tools to complete everything without leaving the app. From taking payments, to sending access messages or raising tasks. Get control now with Guestflow.

Next level team messaging. Good communications with your guests hast the highest impact to overall satisfaction. Now you can give your team the unified inbox that dreams are made of. Everything linked back to reservations, proberties and action items.

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Cutting edge
reservation management

This is short stay brought to life. Built by serviced accommodation business owners for serviced accommodation business owners. We know and understand your pain points. We have built the ultimate short stay business tool.




Effortlessly manage your reservations with Guestflow. Use our intuitive filter bubbles to select the bookings that matter most in the moment. Access actionable insights and take immediate action. Track your guests' journey and access related team discussions, tasks, and property info, all in one place. Say goodbye to sifting through endless data and hello to effortless organisation with Guestflow.

Elevate your guest communication with Guestflow. Good communication with your guests has the highest impact on overall satisfaction. With our unified inbox, you can give your team the messaging hub they've been dreaming of. Everything is linked back to reservations, properties, and action items, making it easy to respond to guests and raise internal tasks for you or team members.

Boost team accountability with Guestflow. Your team of managers or VA's should always know who needs to do what, when. Finally gain control of all tasks due across your reservations, properties, and entire business. When viewing a task, you can also see all related team discussions & guest interactions, as well as property info. With Guestflow, you can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and that everyone on your team is on the same page, all in one easy-to-use platform.