Reduce costs and
improve guest experience

Guestflow transforms the way your team works – from payments and guest verification through to monthly reporting and housekeeping – for lower staff costs and happier guests

What is Guestflow?
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What is Guestflow?

Guestflow is a companion app for your favourite PMS software.

Guestflow extends your PMS by streamlining your teams’ workflow for payments, deposits, verification, access instructions and incidents. Managing and communicating with housekeepers becomes seamless, and reporting issues instant.

As a business owner, Guestflow gives you unprecedented access to financial and property performance reports, cashflow forecasting and accountant signed-off monthly reports – no bookkeeping required.

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How does Guestflow helps you to save money and improve guest experience?

Automate communications

Keep on top of communicating with your guests by automating the entire booking experience with Guestflow, from initial enquiry to check-out and departure. That way, your guests can be confident in the quality of their stay, and you can spend your time more effectively.

Automate the entire guest journey, from enquiry to check-out.
Send email, SMS and Whatsapp messages with ease.
Apply your branding to all emails and send them from your domain.
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Guest management

Avoid the risk of booking fraud and keep your property protected by taking guests through a comprehensive payment, guest verification and deposit process, all before you provide access instructions.

Take and track payments with ease.
Enhanced fraud protection with postcode checks.
Online guest verification form and management.
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Manage operations

Make sure you can rest easy knowing your serviced accommodation is always ready for new guests by managing essential operations such as cleaning through the Guestflow app. Automatically create cleaning times for each booking and increase the accountability of operations staff with recorded arrival and departure times.

Automatically generate post-stay and mid-stay cleans.
Provide an app for cleaners and cleaning managers.
Prevents missed cleans by ensuring cleaners accept jobs in advance.
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Integrate with your existing software

Guestflow operates alongside channel managers like Tokeet and other software to handle all of your business processes and tasks.

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Create a great hosting experience with Guestflow

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