Streamline your service accommodation management

Save precious time by eliminating repetitive tasks with Guestflow’s automated communication and guest management modules.

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Reduce admin

Guestflow is designed to eliminate repetitive tasks for your team, freeing them up to spend time on priorities more suited to their expertise. Our comprehensive selection of automated email, SMS and WhatsApp workflows allow you to keep in regular contact with your guests and share key information, such as booking details, payment statuses, review requests and much more. This keeps your guests happy and your business performing at peak efficiency.

Perfect payments

Cashflow can be a challenge for any serviced accommodation business, which is why you need a tool that makes sure no precious pounds fall through the cracks. Guestflow’s easy-to-use payments dashboard makes keeping track of your finances painless, while also helping to protect your business against fraud. If you do encounter any guest payment problems, our automated communication workflows make sure guests are notified straight away and know about any next steps.

Improve management

Ensuring your serviced accommodation is kept in perfect condition is key to attracting guests for the best price. That’s why Guestflow has a dedicated operations module that automatically schedules key tasks such as post and mid-stay cleans. This makes the management of your serviced accommodation simple for your team and limits the risk of your guests having a less than satisfactory stay.

Create a great hosting experience with Guestflow

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