Keep guests coming back to your holiday rental

Make the right first impression on your holiday rental guests with automated management software that makes booking easy.

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Automate guest communications

Make sure you’re providing your guests with all the information they need to have an enjoyable stay, without creating more time-consuming tasks for your team. Guestflow provides a host of customisable communication workflows to suit any business need. So, whether you want to share some of the local tourist attractions or send key information such as booking details, Guestflow can help you streamline how you speak to guests.

Check-in ahead of time

Allow guests to check-in ahead of time by emailing them a fully-responsive and mobile-friendly online check-in form ahead of their stay. Your check-in form is fully customisable and can easily be tailored to suit your specific business needs, whether that be drawing guests’ attention to fire safety information or alerting them to some of the terms and conditions.

Clean easy

Don’t let guests be unhappy with an unclean room. Guestflow’s dedicated cleaning module automatically creates a cleaning schedule that will keep your properties looking spotless. Cleaners even get access to their own app so they can confirm jobs ahead of time and log when they arrive, along with details about any damage or issues that your team needs to be aware of.

Create a great hosting experience with Guestflow

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