Make managing your Airbnb hassle-free

Protect your Airbnb property with comprehensive guest verification and deposit collection, while also improving your revenue per guests with automated upsells.

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Verify guests

uest Flow’s guest verification page. Before sending access instructions, you can automatically send guests a customisable, online check-in form that confirms basic personal information, requires official identification to be uploaded and even notifies them of fire safety information. Any data transfer and storage is encrypted so the details of your guests are kept secure.

Collect deposits

Protect your property from potential damage by collecting a deposit before arrival. Through our integration with Stripe, you can automatically pre-authorise and release deposit amounts. This lets you protect your property without creating extra admin. In the event that charges are made, the deposit is automatically captured and the guest email with a summary of the charges and receipt of payment.

Upsell bookings

Guestflow helps you increase your revenue per guest by offering additional upsells, without you having to lift a finger. Automatically offer key services such as early check-in and late check-out to improve the stay of your guests and improve your ability to generate positive feedback.

Create a great hosting experience with Guestflow

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