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Short Stay Software to enable you to outsource easily & keep control of all guest workflows .

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Keep Control While you Scale

Automate guest workflows, communications and tasks. Know your team will only get involved when necessary. 

See upcoming bookings and their outstanding tasks at a glance. Easily prioritise work and ensure your team stay on point and efficient.

Guestflow provides short stay hosts and agents the backend system of their dreams, enabling more control over every aspect of the guest experience

Wouldn't be nice to stop worrying about guests completely?

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Getting your time back, in 3 simple steps...

If you want to scale your short stay business, managing guests is one of your biggest challenges.


With lots of different systems that don’t play nicely together, managing guests takes much longer than it should and training new team members is laborious and time consuming.


Without enough time for important tasks it’s hard to maintain growth and it’s hard to switch off from work, even when you’re not working.  Having your own business was meant to give you more freedom, not less…


Thankfully, you’re not alone!  When over 1,000 short stay business owners were surveyed last year, the biggest problems were found to be software and guest management.


With Guestflow, these problems are a thing of the past.  We built Guestflow to allow our businesses to scale to hundreds of properties with just a handful of staff, and now you can access our solution too.

At Guestflow, we feel your pain - as hosts ourselves, we used to have the exact same problem.


Works with all major software, including:



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We’ll set everything up for you, and you’ll receive one-to-one training and ongoing assistance.  If you’re ready to find out more, book a demo now - otherwise, register your interest to get the latest updates.


Recruiting, training and managing staff using manual workflows is time consuming and expensive.  With Guestflow’s automated, easy and repeatable workflows, you’ll spend less time managing guests and more time growing your business.


"I've always managed guests myself, but was reaching the point where I knew I'd need to bring in help. With Guestflow, I've been able to postpone recruiting as I'm able to both deal with guests and find time to focus on scaling"


Graham Bateman - Westgate Properties

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