• Chris Poulter

The Start of the Journey

Every good journey starts with a why. Let’s start with why we’re here...

We believe short stay software is broken - It focuses on syncing bookings, availability and rates, but doesn’t address the resulting work to be done.

We believe hosts have “app overload” - A typical host uses 23 software platforms on a daily basis, which wastes huge amounts of time and makes it very hard to see the big picture.

We believe workflow automation should be much easier - Most hosts waste time on repetitive tasks, just because there’s no easy way to automate them.

We believe hosts need easier access to services - Hosts are doing too many low value tasks, simply because they don’t have a low cost, high quality way to outsource them.

We’re building a software platform and services marketplace to solve these problems and more.


As entrepreneurs, our product is NOT a product - it’s a business model. It’s easy to create a product, but to create a profitable, scalable business model is very hard indeed.

Certain risks can kill your business model before it’s even started. Is your target market too small? Will customers understand your product and want to buy it? What’s the unfair advantage that stops your business model being copied?

Many of these risks can be addressed without needing to first build a product. That’s why lean businesses start with customer discovery, rather than building a product.

With customer discovery, founders stress-test the riskiest parts of their business model. Much of this centers around “getting out of the building” and talking to customers. Do your proposed customers really have the problems you think, or do you need to pivot? Is the problem big enough for them to pay for your solution?

Getting feedback validates and improves your ideas, and allows you to build a community of users before you’ve even built a product. It’s not hard to see why most successful startups embrace customer discovery!

WHAT WE’RE DOING RIGHT NOW We’re reaching out to hosts across the world to say: tell us about your biggest problems.

We’re challenging our preconceptions - are the problems we’re planning to solve widely experienced? Are we building a product for the right people? Is our solution really the right fit?

We’re excited by our vision for Guestflow, but know we can only build it one brick at a time. This means that when we launch, we can’t include everything we’d like and so we’ll need to make some tough choices. Speaking to as many people as we can enables us to build a launch product that helps as many people as possible, as much as possible.


Next we’re going to build prototypes, which will allow us to get detailed feedback from hosts. We’ll be able to see whether our big ideas resonate with hosts, and start refining the design until it’s ready to build.

We’ll also be actively reaching out to more people to request discovery interviews. If you’re a host, we’d love just a few minutes of your time to speak to you!

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