Manage your cleaning with ease

Guestflow automatically generates post-stay and mid-stay cleans for each booking and allows cleaners to easily assign jobs to themselves, so you never miss a clean.

Never miss a clean for your property

Guestflow’s automated cleaning schedule means your property will never miss a post or mid-stay clean.

  • Reduce admin time for your team by automated your cleaning schedule.
  • Improve the accuracy of cleaning costs with complete clarity on how many cleans are in the future.

Provide cleaners with their own app

Cleaners and cleaning managers receive their own dedicated app to assign individual cleans ahead of time.

  • Prevent missed cleans by ensuring cleaners accept jobs in advance.
  • Reduce cleaner management time for your team.

Alert your team if cleans are missed

Receive automatic notifications if a cleaner doesn’t arrive on-site at the expected time so you can find a solution quickly.

  • Record the arrival and departure of cleaners.
  • Require optional arrival and departure checklists with photographic evidence through the app.

Create accurate invoices quickly

Use the dedicated operations module in Guestflow to quickly and easily create cleaning invoices that are accurate.

  • Quickly create cleaning invoices with the Guestflow app.
  • Record and review previous cleans to improve invoice accuracy.

Save time and improve your guest experience with Guestflow

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