Get your time back

Managing guests takes a lot of time.  Get it back.

Guests are lovely... in small doses

Do you remember your first guest?  Do you remember that feeling of excitement?

Do you still feel it now?

If not, you've probably come to the realisation that although guests are great, managing them never stops.  


And that it's pretty hard to relax when you're not working, knowing that a guest could call at any time.

Wouldn't be nice to stop worrying about guests completely?

Getting help is hard

And yet, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. 


Using a management agent means handing control of your properties to someone else - and it usually costs a lot too. 


And employing someone - either locally or a Virtual Assistant - is going to be a huge drain on your time and money, without any guarantee of success.

At Guestflow, we feel your pain - as hosts ourselves, we have the exact same problem.

Getting your time back, in 3 simple steps...

Imagine you are searching Amazon for service providers and virtual assistants for your short stay business. 


Call answering, guest management, bookkeeping, accounting, revenue management - you see not only reviews, but their live performance metrics. 


Once you’ve made your choice, you use 1-click ordering to instantly plug them into your business.



Works with all major software,  including:


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The three steps to time freedom...

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My business changed overnight - I'm still a bit in shock really!

Taylor from Grandeur Property

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