Simplify the guest payment process

Make keeping track of guest payments painless for you and your staff with automation and comprehensive security through Stripe.

Automate Stripe payments

Guestflow uses Stripe, a leading payments software, to provide automated payment handling, so you can keep on top of your income easily.

  • Schedule payments to be taken from guests immediately or on a specific date.
  • Integrate with accounting software like Xero to make managing your finances painless.

Protect against fraud

Enjoy enhanced fraud protection with postcode checks on payment cards, so you know who you’re renting to.

  • Confirm exactly who is staying in your property with comprehensive guest verification.
  • Notify guests automatically if they fail the guest verification process.

Keep track of payment statuses

Guestflow’s dedicated dashboard helps your team keep on top of the payment status of your guests.

  • View all unpaid bookings and their payment statuses.
  • Escalate any guest payment issues to a supervisor for a quicker resolution.

Send payment updates automatically

Make sure your guests are notified of their payment status with automatic communications across email, SMS and WhatsApp.

  • Notify guests easily if their payment fails to reduce the chance of delays.
  • Reduce the time you have to spend chasing guests with automated payment reminders.

Save time and improve your guest experience with Guestflow

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