Handle your guests’ deposits with ease

Protect your rental property and your guests with Guestflow’s automated deposit management software.

Automatically take and release deposits

Using Stripe, a leading payments software, Guestflow allows you to automatically pre-authorise and release deposit amounts.

  • Automatic and manual deposit release from within Guestflow.
  • Complete management control of a guest’s deposit from within the app.

Capture deposits to cover charges

Guestflow’s deposit operations module allows deposits to be captured automatically when charges are made to a guest.

  • Capture deposits from within Guestflow’s incident handling workflow.

  • Automatically email guests with a summary of the charges and receipt of payment.

Monitor every deposit status in one place

Keep track of every guest deposit from Guestflow’s dedicated dashboard, complete with guest and operator information.

  • Easily see how many deposits your currently holding and which are due for release.
  • View deposits that are overdue or failed and assign next actions.

Create deposit-related tasks automatically

Automatically create tasks for your team to follow up on deposit payments that fail and reduce the risk of booking losses.

  • Improve team efficiency with automatic task creation.
  • Run alongside Guestflow’s operations module to quickly complete any work on a property.

Save time and improve your guest experience with Guestflow

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