Speak with guests on their preferred platform

Broaden your channels of communication for guests with serviced accommodation software that includes automated SMS messaging.

Send automated SMS reminders

Remind guests when they are overdue to complete the next step of their booking, such as payment or verification.

  • Automatically tailor messages to individual guests.
  • Use SMS messaging alongside Guestflow email automation to create a comprehensive communication experience.

Tailor messages to your guests

Avoid generic SMS messaging by automatically tailoring your messages to specific guests and improving their booking experience.

  • Automatically customise your message for the specific guest.
  • Include key information relevant to their booking.

Respond to guests through the app

Respond to enquiries and guest requests by SMS from the comfort of the Guestflow app and make management simple.

  • Manually contact guests by SMS at any time for complete management control.
  • Keep track of communications with guests with an easy to use timeline.

Send messages over WhatsApp

Alongside sending SMS messages, Guestflow allows you to also automate communications on popular platforms such as Whatsapp.

  • Communicate with your guests on one of the most popular digital platforms.
  • Reply to WhatsApp messages via the Guestflow app ease of use.

Save time and improve your guest experience with Guestflow

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