Operate Smarter

Take the hard work out of managing serviced accommodation with an automated software solution that allows you to control the every aspect of the booking process from your phone.

Idea behind Guestflow

The more successful your serviced accommodation business is, the more time you’ll need to spend dealing with guests and their bookings. Guestflow was created to solve this problem by implementing process automation and task management.

Operating alongside channel managers, Guestflow handles all of your business’s processes and tasks, from completing booking payments to managing guest verification. As a result, your team has more time to focus on other priorities and overall business efficiency is improved.

Why Guestflow

Guestflow has process automation and task management at its core. Each business process has been mapped out and automated, with tasks created and assigned to your appropriate team members whenever manual steps are required.

Guestflow will grow to include modules for every area of your business such as Compliance, Human Resources and Revenue Management. This will truly make Guestflow the central hub of your business, with all business activities organised and carried out through it.

Save time and improve your guest experience.

Automate Communications

Create automated emails, SMSs and Whatsapp messages with Guestflow and make managing your guests’ bookings simple and straightforward.

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Guest Management

Keep on top of exactly who is staying in your property with a comprehensive guest verification process, along with easy payment and deposit handling.

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Manage Operations

Make sure your serviced accommodation is kept in perfect condition by automatically creating cleaning times and managing operations staff.

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